Rocket League

Map Description: This is my rendition of Rocket League, which is a vehicle-based soccer match where players must use their Ghost to push a soccer ball into the opponent’s goal. With some clever scripting and teleporters I was able to use CTF to award the proper team with a point when they scored, ending the round. CTF was ideal since it has good indicators for Score vs Defend. I made a Small version (2-6 players, 1 ball) and a Big version (8-16 players, 3 balls). I wanted to use Scout Warthogs, but they try to traverse the soccer ball rather than push it. Your Ghost may flip if you try to push the ball at full boost. I like to ram it once or twice to get its speed built up a bit, then start to push with full boost. Enjoy!

Map: Rocket League – Small/Big
Game Mode: Rocket League by Turb (CTF)

Minimum Players:

Maximum Players:

Supported Gametype(s):
Capture the Flag

Custom Gametype Name:
Rocket League by Turb

Map Creator(s):

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